Without cooperation, no survival.

At the intersection of video game, agriculture and the economy, Viridis offers another model of collective solidarity work.

In a post-apocalyptic world, generations of survivors owe their survival to the "green anti-poison" spirulina. This food and energy resource immunize against the effects of the mist that has spread since the disaster.

The player is a "child of the after world" whose mission is to build a new farm for a future colony. He must therefore go on exploration, recover materials to assemble and reuse in order to create the conditions for the Spirulina's production.

By participating in the game, you gain access to community management of an actual farm of spirulina, recognized for its nutritional benefits and used in humanitarian contexts. This farm is located in the southern Cévennes. It currently consists of a greenhouse with a pond where spirulina is grown. It works with solar energy and is equipped with sensors to monitor the health and production. The configuration of the farm is minimal in order to make the move with you! From maintenance to harvest, through technical or energy improvements, and finally its expansion, it is a journey and a community experience that await you in Viridis.

Through points earned in the video-game, you can participate in daily tasks, vote in referendum to decide how to proceed production and interact with farmers. Farmers are on the ground, they make you live through the logbook the spirulina's development, they inform you, support you in making decisions and apply the choices of the community. The game is also educational and will introduce you to the steps of Spirulina growing.

Let's play and join the community of Viridis!






Sandra & Valerian aka Gaspard Bebie-Art-Act, artists, shots, images, texts, sounds and music

Thibaut Trampont, Events for Games, game design and duffision

Hexagence, Christophe and Sylvie Couprie, development

Julia Delcambre, webdesign

Micah Parker, graphics

Manual Fadat, actor, voice, music and accomplice

Art-Act and Oudeis want to thank all the actors and supporters of this project. They are many and we think to all of them. In particular, thanks to Peter Jordan, Cedric Joaquim (Le chant de l'eau) and Benoît Legrain (Domaine Algal) both spirulina farmers, and Jean-Paul Jourdan (author of the spirulina manual) without which Viridis would not have existed.

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