The Fall and the conclusion

Child of the afterworld,

Autumn is here. Today, it is the end for Viridis. Spirulina will be put into hibernation, the sensors are disconnected, the votes off. Now, the farmers need some rest... Viridis will always be available as a game but won't be connected to the farm nor give any datas. Viridis has been a unique experience and you have been part of its first community.

Much has been accomplished with the installation of an autonomous solar system, solar dryer, new batteries, repairs and so many other daily actions. The logbook is a trace and a memory of all the events which happened on the farm. From the good times to the anxieties of successive storms. From june to october, the community accompanied and contributed to Viridis. The community listened and adviced the farmers as well. This combination was a success.

The farm went into production, it has been constantly improved. Congratulations for each point invested for each vote and contribution!

The final vote and the production

The last vote had to decide what the spirulina would become.
Several possibilities were offered to the community: redistribute the production between players, give it to a food bank or sell it for the benefit of the farm and amortize the investments made during the season.

To the conclusion of the vote, the community decided to reinvest the majority of the production in the farm. It's a choice for the future.


L'exploitation communautaire permet aux joueurs de gérer ensemble, et avec les fermiers, la ferme à spiruline bien réelle.

Grâce aux conseils des fermiers et aux données transmises par les capteurs, vous pouvez suivre le rythme de la production de spiruline tout en apprenant son fonctionnement.

C'est une expérience collective qui suit celle plus individuelle du jeu-vidéo. Du virtuel, au réel, de l'expérience solitaire à l'expérience collective, la ferme à spiruline est un lieu d'échange et de partage. Les points acquis sont ainsi mis en commun dans cet espace où l'on construit du lien.

Le jeu est aussi didactique et vous initiera aux étapes de production de la spiruline.

À vous de jouer et de rejoindre la communauté de Viridis !